Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are designed to keep you safe on the road when temperatures drop below 7°c and in difficult weather conditions such as ice and snow. Whilst winter tyres are not a legal requirement in the UK, many motorists choose to switch to them seasonally due to their enhanced safety and performance properties.

What Are Winter Tyres?

Constructed specifically to cope with winter weather, winter tyres maximise performance in cold conditions thanks to their unique design. The compound used in winter tyres contains more natural rubber which enables the tyre to retain flexibility in low temperatures, unlike summer tyres which harden in the cold. This flexibility allows winter tyres to maintain grip, resulting in shorter braking distances and higher levels of safety on the road.

Winter tyres are designed with a large number of sipes on the tyre tread and this provides extra traction on snow and ice as it enables the tyre to bite down and retain contact with the surface of the road. Grooves on the tread also tend to be deeper than on summer tyres, and this enables high aquaplaning resistance. In addition, the large contact patch optimises grip and stability on snow and ice covered surfaces.

The Benefits of Winter Tyres

Winter tyres provide a number of advantages in cold temperatures, however, it is important to bear in mind that they do not deliver the same standard of safety as summer tyres when temperatures are above a consistent average of 7°c. In cold conditions winter tyres provide:

  • Short braking distances
  • Traction on ice and snow
  • Excellent aquaplaning resistance
  • High levels of grip
  • Enhanced road stability
The Difference Winter Tyres make to your braking times in cold conditions compared to summer tyres

Buying Winter Tyres

If you live in an area which is subject to changing seasonal conditions and temperatures regularly drop below 7°c, winter tyres would be a sensible investment. When switching to winter tyres you must ensure that you change all four tyres and store your summer tyres carefully so that they are ready to use when temperatures start to rise.

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If winter tyres don't sound right for you, instead consider purchasing all season or summer tyres for your vehicle.

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