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Cooper Tyres

The Cooper name has a heritage spanning back over 100 years, when brothers-in-law John F.Schaefer and Claude E.Hart purchased M and M Manufacturing Company. Today, Cooper Tyres are a leading global competitor in the tyre industry with manufacturing facilities on three continents and distribution networks all around the world. Browse our wide selection of cooper tyres in the UK below, and find the perfect tyre for your vehicle.

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Summer Car Tyres

Buy Cooper Zeon CS Sport tyres online from the Tyre Group

Cooper Zeon CS Sport

Ideal for dynamic drivers, the Cooper Zeon CS Sport is designed and developed with high performance in mind for a maximised driving experience.

Buy Cooper Zeon CS8 tyres online from the Tyre Group

Zeon CS8

Designed for medium sized cars, the Cooper Zeon CS8 delivers ultra-high performance and excellent traction and handling in all summer conditions. Explore our selection of Cooper Zeon tyres today.

Buy Cooper CS2 tyres online from the Tyre Group


The Cooper CS2 provides excellent fuel economy and great performance, proving itself as a popular and durable tyre choice.

Buy Cooper Trendsetter SE tyres online from the Tyre Group

Trendsetter SE

Providing excellent performance in wet and dry conditions, the Trendsetter SE is designed to deliver superior traction all-year round.

Winter Car Tyres

Buy Cooper WM-SA2+ tyres online from the Tyre Group


State-of-the-art production technology and Cooper’s latest manufacturing methods have been used to create the WM-SA2+.

Buy Cooper WeatherMaster Ice 100 tyres online from the Tyre Group

WeatherMaster Ice 100

The WeatherMaster Ice 100 provides high levels of safety and enhanced gripping capabilities in cold conditions for a winter driving performance you can rely on.

Cooper 4x4 Tyres

Summer 4x4 Tyres

Buy Cooper Discoverer A/T3 tyres online from the Tyre Group

Discoverer A/T3

The Discoverer A/T3 Sport is designed to provide excellent traction, stability and handling for outstanding performance both on and off-road. Find your own Cooper Discoverer tyres online today.

Buy Cooper Discoverer STT Pro tyres online from the Tyre Group

Discoverer STT Pro

Designed to achieve an excellent performance off-road, the Discoverer STT Pro provides a durable and dependable drive on terrain including mud, sand, rocks and loose soil.

Buy Cooper Zeon 4XS tyres online from the Tyre Group

Zeon 4XS

The Zeon 4XS is Cooper’s first premium 4x4 tyre and is designed using Cooper’s specialist high performance car tyre technology to ensure comfortable and quiet driving.

Winter 4x4 Tyres

Buy Cooper Weathermaster WSC tyres online from the Tyre Group

Weathermaster WSC

Designed to deliver high levels of safety in difficult winter weather conditions, the Weathermaster WSC provides excellent traction on snow and improved water evacuation.

Buy Cooper Discoverer M&S tyres online from the Tyre Group

Discoverer M&S

The Discoverer M&S is a superior winter tyre designed to deliver an optimal performance on and off-road.

Cooper Van Tyres

Summer Van Tyres

Buy Cooper AV11 tyres online from the Tyre Group


The AV11 is a modern summer tyre designed for vans that record high mileage. Constructed with a specialist compound which strengthens the sidewalls, the AV11 delivers high levels of durability.

Winter Van Tyres

Buy Cooper WM-Van tyres online from the Tyre Group

Cooper WM-Van

The Cooper WM-Van is a premium winter van tyre ideal for popular van fitments. Designed with a specialist compound, the Cooper WM-Van is optimised to deliver excellent traction in wet and cold conditions.

Buy Cooper Vanmaster M&S tyres online from the Tyre Group

Vanmaster M&S

Designed to provide safety on snow, ice and slush, the Vanmaster M&S is a superior van tyre for winter. Constructed with aggressively profiled tread blocks, this tyre is optimised to provide enhanced levels of traction.

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