Tyre Pressure

Keeping your tyres inflated to the correct pressures is vital to your safety on the road and to the life of your tyres. You should check your tyre pressure every three weeks and before any long journeys.

How Can I Check my Tyre Pressure?

Checking your tyre pressures is easy and this task can be undertaken at most petrol stations. Simply find out the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle, which can be found either in the vehicle handbook, on a label located on the rim of the driver’s or passenger’s car door or on the fuel cap.

Once you know the recommended tyre pressure for your vehicle, you should use the facilities at your local petrol station to check that the pressure of your tyres matches the recommended pressure.

If the pressure is too low, fill your tyres with air until they reach the recommended pressure. Alternatively, if your tyres are over inflated, allow some of the air to escape before checking them again.

Remember that you should only check your tyre pressures when your tyres are cold.

The Benefits of Correctly Inflated Tyres

The Benefits of Correctly Inflated Tyres

The orange section of the tyre represents where the driver will see uneven tyre wear


Correctly inflated tyres are much safer than tyres that are over or under inflated. This is because over inflated tyres have a smaller contact patch, which means that their gripping capabilities are vastly reduced. Due to this, tyres that are over inflated will have decreased resistance to aquaplaning and tend to provide longer braking distances.

Under inflated tyres have an uneven contact patch meaning that they will not grip the road effectively and provide reduced handling capabilities. In addition, under inflated tyres are more prone to overheating, which makes them more prone to dangerous tyre damage.


Tyres that are over or under inflated will have a shorter tyre life than correctly inflated tyres due to the fact that they wear more rapidly and unevenly. Correctly inflated tyres wear evenly due to the large, optimal contact patch.

In addition, over inflated tyres cannot absorb road shocks as well as correctly inflated tyres, so they are more likely to sustain damage.

Fuel Efficiency

The third benefit of driving on tyres which are correctly inflated is that they provide optimal fuel efficiency.

When a tyre is under inflated more tread is in contact with the surface of the road, leading to an increase of friction. As friction increases, so does rolling resistance and more fuel is required to sustain the same speed.

For more information on tyre pressure, take a look at this helpful video from TyreSafe:

Contact your local Tyre Group branch for further guidance on checking and maintain your tyre pressures.

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